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CPC Certification Training

The Certified Professional Coder (CPC) is the gold standard for medical coding in a physician office setting. The CPC certification exam tests the competencies required to perform the job of a professional coder who specializes in coding for services performed by physicians and non-physician providers (eg, nurse practitioners and physician assistants). Individuals who earn the CPC credential have proven expertise in physician/non-physician provider documentation review, abstract professional provider encounters, coding proficiency with CPT®, HCPCS Level II, ICD-10-CM, and compliance and regulatory requirements for physician services.


CIC Certification Training

The Certified Inpatient Coder (CIC) credential is the only certification exclusively specialized in hospital and facility inpatient coding. This certification validates mastery in abstracting information from the medical record for ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS coding. It also represents expert knowledge of Medicare Severity Diagnosis Related Groups (MS-DRGs) and the Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS). Inpatient coding differs from physician-based coding in that it focuses on services provided by the facility, rather than on services provided by the physician.

Passing the CIC exam qualifies you to work in the rapidly changing medical coding and billing environment of hospital inpatient facilities. CIC-certified professionals typically work in hospitals (acute care facilities), skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), critical access hospitals (CAHs), teaching hospitals, inpatient rehab facilities (IRF), and long-term care hospitals (LTCHs).


CRC Certification Training

Without risk adjustment coding to ensure that a complete picture of each patient’s health is captured and reported on medical claims, health plans would lack appropriate funding and planning to cover treatment for high-risk patients. Certified Risk Adjustment Coders (CRCs) play a critical role in establishing accurate risk scores for patients, which promotes optimal patient care and ethical payer reimbursement for providers and health plans. 

Healthcare professionals earning their CRC credential possess demonstrated expertise in the complexity of diseases associated with chronic conditions and comorbidities, as well as mastery of ICD-10-CM guidelines and risk adjustment guidelines. As CRCs, they are equipped both to ensure clinical documentation accurately portrays the patient’s health status and to ensure all clinically documented diagnoses are properly reported. 


CPB Certification Training

The Certified Professional Biller (CPB) credential demonstrates skills related to maintaining all aspects of the revenue cycle, particularly patient and payer billing and collections. Without expertise in medical billing and the nuances of payer requirements, healthcare provider reimbursement may be compromised.

Through rigorous examination and experience, CPBs have proven knowledge of how to submit claims compliant with government regulations and private payer policies. They follow up on claim statuses, resolve claim denials, submit appeals, post payments and adjustments, and manage collections. The CPB medical billing credential is vital to the financial success of the professional healthcare services claims process.


AHIMA - CCS Certification Training

Coding specialists are skilled in classifying medical data from patient records, often in a hospital setting but also in a variety of other healthcare settings. The CCS credential demonstrates a practitioner's tested skills in data quality and accuracy as well as mastery of coding proficiency.

The CCS certification is a natural progression for professionals experienced in coding inpatient and outpatient records. Coding specialists create coded data used by hospitals and medical providers to obtain reimbursement from insurance companies or government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. Researchers and public health officials also use this data to monitor patterns and explore new interventions.


Physician-based Medical Coding

We have a group of E&M Coding experts that will definitely streamline your day to day revenue management.


Hospital-based Medical Coding

We have a group of hospital-based coders that can handle your hospital revenue cycle management.


End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management

We have a team of experts that can manage your end to end revenue cycle management ang will help boost your revenue.


Job Placement Assistance

We are partnered with both local and international coding companies that will provide both onsite and work from home jobs.


You will be given an access to our learning portal and watch the pre-rcorded lectures at anytime. You will be given assignments and quizzess every after module to assess your understanding. Live Mentor will always be available to assist if you have any questions about the topics. One on one coaching will also be provided once needed.


Virtual Live Course is a live discussion with an expert instructor via Zoom. You can join the class using your mobile phone, tablets, laptops and PCs. 


We will open the face to face class soon! 

CPC Curriculum

WEEK 1    
Day 1 Orientation, Q&A, Business of Medicine  
Day 2 Anatomy & Medical Terminology Review 1  
Day 3 Anatomy & Medical Terminology Review 2 Quizzes
WEEK 2    
Day 3 Introduction to ICD-10-CM, Conventions & General Coding Guidelines Quizzes
Day 4 ICD-10-CM Chapter 1-8 Quizzes & Assignments
Day 5 ICD-10-CM Chapter 9-15 Quizzes & Assignments
WEEK 3    
Day 6 ICD-10-CM Chapter 16-22 Quizzes & Assignments
Day 7 HCPCS, Introduction to CPT Quizzes & Assignments
Day 8 Integumentary System (10,000 Series) Quizzes & Assignments
WEEK 4    
Day 9 Musculoskeletal System (20,000 Series) Quizzes & Assignments
Day 10 Respiratory, Hemic & Lymphatic System (30,000 Series) Quizzes & Assignments
Day 11 Cardiovascular Surgery (30,000 Series)  Quizzes & Assignments
WEEK 5    
Day 12 Cardiovascular Medicine & Radiology (90,000 & 70,000 Series) Quizzes & Assignments
Day 13 Digestive System (40,000 Series)  Quizzes & Assignments
Day 14 Urinary System & Male Reproductive System (50,000 Series) Quizzes & Assignments
WEEK 6    
Day 15 Female Reproductive System (50,000 Series) Quizzes & Assignments
Day 16 Nervous System, Eyes & Ears (60,000 Series) Quizzes & Assignments
Day 17 Radiology (70,000 Series)  Quizzes & Assignments
WEEK 7    
Day 19 Anesthesia (00000 Series) Quizzes & Assignments
Day 20 Pathology (80,000 Series) Quizzes & Assignments
Day 21 Medicine 1 (90,000 Series) Quizzes & Assignments
WEEK 8    
Day 22 Medicine 2 (90,000 Series) Quizzes & Assignments
Day 23 Evaluation & Management 1 (99,000 Series) Quizzes & Assignments
Day 24 Evaluation & Management 2 (99,000 Series) Quizzes & Assignments
At your Own Schedule:    
25 Mock 1 Exam  
26 Mock 2 Exam   
27 Mock 3 Exam  
28 Mock 4 Exam  
29 Mock 4 Exam  
30 EXTRA Mock Exam